Monday, September 19, 2011

Thank you notes

I was planning to do the letter Bet today, but M has been really getting into serious copying, so I decided to dive into thank-you notes for his birthday presents.  Here is one:

Here are some other examples of his growing skills.  Yesterday, my daughter Z was doing some 6th grade homework analyzing the properties of this figure:

M watched with great interest, then went to his Dry Erase board, and without looking, produced this:
And of course, a flag!
And here he wrote nearly half the Hebrew alphabet, again from memory:

R is also developing nicely.  Here he is playing catch by himself with the tetherball:

......Oh, and I got my license in the mail today!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!

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  1. In re Z's 6th-grade homework: yes, it's impressive that M copied it from memory the way he did. But it's also impressive that Z did such a great job, duplicating it accurately into her own notes in the first place. For a sixth-grader, that's some quality draftsmanship there.