Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Odds and Evens

We used the Montessori sandpaper numbers to start today's lesson.  First we ordered them (1 - 9), and M counted them, tracing each digit in the air with his finger as he counted.  Then I showed him how we can take turns, where I counted the odds and he counted the evens.  Then we switched roles a few times.  Next, I put all the odds together and all the evens together, and lined up Jenga blocks next to each number. This showed him how the evens are all in pairs, while the odd ones all have one extra.
Yeah, I get it!
After he'd had his fill of this, he made a few more Thank-You notes, once again copying the word from the spelling tile game:


And here is R, quietly sitting in the book corner, and "reading" books to himself:

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