Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today we introduced cut and paste!  The scissors were a bit intimidating -- M was able to make a few cuts on the edge of a page, but no control yet.  So I cut out triangles, and showed him how to paste them together to make 6-pointed stars:

M is gluing together stars!

Then he picked one of the stars to write his name on.  He wanted to use the stamps to do it:
Oops, there's an extra Aleph there.....

Look how proud he is!

Way too rainy today to go out, so I put the stereo on, and we danced a bit in the living room.  Then M played pick-up-sticks while R rested with a bottle.  Snack was baby carrots and cheerios, then more milk for both of them.  We read some books on the sofa until Lemalah-time was up. 

Here's hoping we get some sun tomorrow.....

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  1. What wonderful pictures! (Here's hoping for some similarly-wonderful pictures of R at some point.)

    Would M benefit from a stamp pad of a different color?

    Keep up the wonderful work!!!