Sunday, May 20, 2012

Springtime fun

Last week we continued counting the Omer, but we also had some laid-back outside time in the lovely spring weather:

Luli shabluli!
We also had to deal with a flat tire..... Which gave the boys an opportunity to learn all about the fish in the Direct Tire aquarium:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art and Lag BaOmer

On Monday, the boys discovered where I keep the paints.  So that pretty much decided what we are doing for our lesson that day....


The boys clearly expressed each his own individual style:

We have been counting the Omer with them (they love counting!), but for Lag BaOmer I wanted to do more art, since they are enjoying the different media so much.  Our pal E joined us for making bonfire collages:

Then we enjoyed the beautiful spring weather to look for little growing and crawling things in the yard:

....or are they just using the dirt as another medium for their artwork?

And of course, R can't resist the tetherball!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Israel's birthday

 Last week was Israeli Independence Day.  First, however, M wanted to continue the study of flowers.  He wanted to draw the flower model with markers.  First, I drew it for him on the dry-erase board, and labeled all the parts, so he could read the words.

Then, he got to work copying the picture.

I think his is better, personally.....

On Tuesday, for the math lesson, I prepared a flower skeleton, and M prepared the numbered petals, which could then be plucked off the flower to model subtraction:

To celebrate Israel, we played a matching game with a map of Israel.  Both M and R had fun with this: