Monday, April 30, 2012

We're baaaaaaaack!

Our new kitchen is all done, so this week we started up Lemalah! again.  The routine was a bit rusty at first, but I think the boys will quickly get back in the swing of things.  This week, the theme was Springtime and Flowers.  We sang "Gina Li" ("My Garden") every day in addition to our usual routine.

On Monday, I cut out petals, stems, and roots, and M helped assemble them into flowers:

On Tuesday, M and R counted the leaves up and down. Since the colors alternate, the odd numbers are blue and the evens are red.  So after he peeled them off (counting back from 10 to 1), he identified odd and even numbers, using the colors as cues:
Even......................................             and odd!

On Wednesday, M wanted to do some cutting -- why should I have all the fun?  So I drew a square and a triangle for him on construction paper, and he cut out the triangle:

 Then we went out to see our actual garden!  We identified the flower parts (petals, stems and leaves) on several flowers, then dug out a dandelion so we could see the roots as well:

On Thursday, we switched gears a bit, and celebrated Israeli Independence Day by copying the Israeli flag with our friend E:

 And on Friday, we added the song "Perach Lichvod Shabat" to our Shabat prep, and M was very proud to sing it at Kiddush that evening.

What a fun first week back!