Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School!

The boys were a bit sleepy this morning, so we started a bit late -- 9am instead of 8:30.  We did some singing, dancing and jumping, then sat down for a lesson -- copying their names from their name badges, then drawing pictures on the sheet of paper.  The drawing was not up to M's usual standards, but he enjoyed the process, and was very good about cleaning up all the pencils when we were done!  Then he went to the bathroom without complaints, and off we were for a walk. 

It had rained last night, so we went to the library instead of a playground.  Both boys had a great time, and M did not want to leave.  I regretted not having a stroller for him -- he straggled the whole way home.  I hope that as he gets used to this routine that he will be more cooperative.  Once here, both boys settled down with their bottles and snack (bread and cheese).  Now M is playing his favorite game on the computer and R is looking at books.

What a wonderful day!

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