Friday, September 9, 2011

Challah, Flags, and more

I was so delighted this morning when M said, as soon as morning exercise was over, "Achshav shiur!" (lesson now).  I sang "Hayom yom shishi" (Today is Friday) to him, and then brought out the challah dough that I had prepared the previous night.  I gave him a small chunk, and showed him how to roll it out into a snake, and then twist it into a roll:
These will be yummy tonight!

Then I showed him an American Flag, in preparation for 9-11 this Sunday (which will also be his birthday).  We talked about the shapes and colors, and counted the red stripes.  Then I gave him a white sheet of paper and a box of crayons, and he drew a blue rectangle with a star in it in the upper left corner:

I didn't expect him to be able to draw that star by himself!
 I helped him color in the rectangle, and showed him how to add star stickers:

Finally, I showed him how to add stripes, and he added the correct number without help!

M's first American flag!
R was not quite as successful, but then again, he is only half of M's age:
R's first American flag (sort of).....
 Then M wanted to work on his letters:

and to draw Abba's big blue car with lots of people in it:

Then we went out to play!
Finally a sunny day!

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