Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Geography Lesson

Actually, first I want to point out that M is learning more and more of our morning routine!  He already loves the excited greetings that announce that school is starting: "Boker Tov, M..." -- "Boker Tov, Morah!" followed by "Yadayim Lemalah" and a few extra jumps at the end for good measure.  After that, I do several morning blessings/prayers with choreography.  I start with "Modah Ani" with some easy stretches, then "Adon Olam" set to the Sun Salutation yoga sequence, then "Ashrei" with abdominal crunches, and "Halleluya" with some brisk aerobic moves. M imitates the Sun Salutation and aerobics -- pretty challenging! -- and gives me a counterweight or plays "airplane" during my crunches. R usually joins in during "Yadayim Lemalah" and for the "Ashrei" airplane, as well.

Both boys know that when "Halleluya" is done, we go to morning work. Today I introduced the World Map, a staple of the Montessori preschool curriculum.  I put an overhead transparency sheet over the printed map, and M understood the idea of tracing over the lines with a marker.  He did it twice, first with green, then with blue marker (but not before writing, then erasing, a Shin on top!):

Then he wanted to practice more with the little Legos.  I love how he keeps practicing the previous lessons!  Later on, he drew a flag on the Etch-a-sketch, as well as with the Jenga blocks on the rug:
"Hmm.. I know there was a rectangle and some stripes involved here....."
His alphabet writing is improving, too:

Oh, dear, I haven't made the Challah dough yet!  Gotta go!

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