Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today we focused on the geography of Israel.  First, copying the basic shape, then identifying the approximate locations of the major cities:

 Here is his finished product:

Even more impressive, a while later he sat down unprompted, and produced this:

 He is also working hard on learning to dress himself.  Here he is, putting on both socks!

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  1. Almost unbearably adorable:

    In the evening, I asked about what M did during the day, and I heard about his adventures in cartography. He asked me to sketch a map of Israel, and I did. But he corrected me -- first, that I'd left out the little jog for Haifa, next that Haifa should have little boats next to it, and then that Tel Aviv should have a row of three rectangles in the water. (That's the way he learned it! -- Haifa has boats, Tel Aviv has skyscrapers. Later we'll have to teach him that the skyscrapers don't actually float in the Mediterranean Sea.)