Friday, November 4, 2011

"Beit Sefer Lemalah"

As we were getting ready to start school today, M sat down with his Etch-a-Sketch and set his mind to writing "Beit Sefer Lemalah" (Lemalah School). He knew most of the letters, asked for help when he wasn't sure, and erased and started over several times in order to fix spacing, spelling and penmanship issues.

This is a very positive error:
He left out the silent "ayin" in "Lemalah", which suggest that he might have actually been trying to sound it out. He has certainly seen the word spelled out many times.

Now I got it!

Our morning routine has expanded somewhat.  After "Yadayim Lemalah", we dance a round or 2 of "Ooga Ooga", followed by "Shlosha Gamadim", which ends with us sitting down for circle time.  I tell them the day of the week, the weather, and the plan for the day. On Fridays we also add "Hayom Yom Shishi".  Then we do the prayer/exercise sequence I have described in a previous post, before doing the day's lesson.

I am still waiting for M to braid a challah roll.  These days he is mostly interested in shaping the dough into letters.

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