Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Advanced topics in Art

M has been exploring 3d representation, pretty much on his own.  He asks us to draw different things, like houses, or boxes on staircases, or different kinds of people or animals, and then he will practice over and over to do the same.  Here is his current rendering of a house:

A house with a window, a walkway, a chimney and a tree.
 But the main lesson for today was learning about light and dark colors.  I started by reciting the story of Genesis to him, and talking about Dark=Night and Light=Day, and then we took the box of crayons and classified each color as dark or light.  Then I wrote the words "Layla" and "Yom" (Night and Day) for him to copy on each side.  He actually matched them up correctly!  Coincidence, or is he starting to decode?


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