Monday, November 14, 2011

Reading and playing

Today E joined us for a literacy lesson.  We played with several sets of Hebrew letters, identifying them and making words.  E really got into Et Le'ayet!  He asked for the names of all the pictures on the templates, and was very interested in the letters as well.  He is so funny -- he knows the words he is supposed to use in conversation (yes, no, thank you etc), but thinks it is a great game to refuse to say them.  Every now and again he will slip his cover, and imitate M's talking, though.  I think he is getting it!  He also likes to sing the Hebrew songs that he knows.  After the lesson, we all walked to the playground, and E and M were singing "Hiney Ma Tov uMa Na'im" while walking together:
Hiney ma tov uma naim...
...shevet (lekhet) akhim gam yakhad!
And here they are at the playground, enjoying the balmy November sun:

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