Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adventures in Math, Engineering, and PE

E couldn't join us for lesson today, since he caught up on a much needed nap.  I intended to do addition and subtraction with the Jenga blocks, but while I was getting my tea, M arranged some of the blocks in a 3x4 array, and announced that he had 12 blocks.  Whoa!  OK, buddy, you wanna do multiplication, you got it!  So I showed him how we write 3 groups of 4, and then we made several other "groups".  After a while, we did switch to addition and subtraction, which we also wrote down.
That's way cool!
Meantime, R was having a blast building with the blocks:

This got M's attention.....

Who then started doing some building of his own:

That roof turned out a bit too wide to span with a single block as he was attempting, so I showed him how to cantilever across it, and then he made a BIG BIG roof, and was SOOOOO proud!

Then we went out to meet E and his Imma and brother at the playground.  A bit chilly, but a good time was had by all:

R did some impressive ladder-climbing:

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