Monday, October 31, 2011

Sapa Yafa -- Tzipor Afor

Today we worked on the Hebrew letter Peh/Feh (Same letter except with/without a dot inside). I prepared flashcards with the 2 sets of rhyming words (Sapa Yafa = pretty sofa, Tzipor Afor = gray bird), with the Peh/Feh written in red.  I put "Sapa Yafa" on the sofa, and "Tzipor Afor" on the large stuffed emu (long story....)

Here M is making a Peh/Feh out of Tinkertoys.  R is helping:

"Hey, big brother, what does this say?"

"Sapa. Hey, you just messed me up! Now I have to start over!"

"Sapa.  Yep, that's good!"

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