Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A new friend!

Today Lemalah had its first new member!  Little "I" joined us, and had a great time in spite of not knowing a word of Hebrew coming in.  After a while, she said her first Hebrew word -- "Mayim" = water.  M was very eager to show her around and explain stuff to her, and occasionally switched to English. "I" and her mom joined us for  "Yadayim Lemalah" and "Ooga Ooga", and learned to count to 3 with us.  M practiced counting up and down.  He built a Lego staircase and had the little Lego people walk up and down while counting. "I" joined in the game, too. 

All 3 children did some coloring at the table:

and then went out to play:

I think they like each other!


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