Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BaSukkah Shelanu

M knows about adding small numbers on his fingers.  I tried to connect that with the numbers laid out in a sequence on the table, so he could see that +1 means 1 to the right, and -1 means 1 to the left.  This will take more work, but it was a good introduction.  R liked it too.
Then off to enjoy the Sukkah!  M wanted to do the Lulav blessings again:
Yemina, yemina, smola smol
Lefanim, akhora
Lemata, lemata, lemala, lemala
BaSukkah Shelanu!
(Right, Left, Front, Back, Down, Up, in our Sukkah!)

And here are M and R drawing in the Sukkah:

What a nice day!

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