Thursday, October 6, 2011

New directions

M was all ready for his lesson after morning exercises, and wanted "Shiur shel midbakot" -- a sticker lesson.  So I pulled out some workbooks that my aunt sent him from Israel, with different shapes and objects to be sorted, counted, etc.:

Then we had a different sort of lesson -- kinesthetic learning.  First, we moved back to the rug, and I showed him how to sing/dance "Yemina, yemina, smola, smol, lefanim, akhora" (Right, right, left, left, forward, back).  Ran through that twice, then he had enough.  So back to the table, where I showed him the compass points on the world map placemat:

We talked about North and South America, and reviewed the names of the other continents as well. 

I look forward to following this lesson up next week, when we shake the Lulav in all directions!

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