Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hanukah - Boneh Ani Hanukiya

We started the lesson as usual by going over the calendar -- today is the last day of the month of Kislev!  Tonight we start the month of Tevet.  Then we sang some Hanukah songs.  Since yesterday's theme was the Sevivon, I figured today can be the Hanukiya:

Boneh ani Hanukiya                                               I am building a Hanukiya
Hineh adlika esh                                                    Here I shall light a fire:
    Zeret miyamin, zeret mismol,                                   Pinky on the right, pinky on the left
    Shnei nerot li yesh                                                   I have 2 candles!

Boneh ani Hanukiya
Hineh adlika esh
    Kmitza miyamin, kmitza mismol,                               Ring finger on the right, ring finger on the left
    Arba'a nerot li yesh                                                  I have 4 candles!

Boneh ani Hanukiya
Hineh adlika esh
    Ama miyamin, ama mismol,                                      Middle finger on the right, middle finger on the left
    Shisha nerot li yesh                                                    I have 6 candles!

Boneh ani Hanukiya
Hineh adlika esh
    Etzba miyamin, etzba mismol,                                   Pointer on the right, pointer on the left
    Shmona nerot li yesh                                                I have 8 candles!

Boneh ani Hanukiya
Hineh adlika esh
    Agudal miyamin, Agudal mismol,                              Thumb on the right, thumb on the left
    Vegam shamash li yesh                                             I have a Shamash (helper candle) too!

Then we got to work making it!

First, we traced his hands on the paper, with the thumbs overlapping to make the Shamash.  He traced his left hand himself, but needed help tracing his right hand (since he is right handed).  So I didn't have a free hand to take a picture.  Then he numbered the candles 1 thru 8, and wrote "Shamash" in the proper place.  He did not want to color it in though, preferring to make candles.  More opportunities for ruler and scissor work!

Then I put little loops of scotch tape on each finger, and he matched the paper candles to each one:

Sixth candle will be tonight!

Can you see the little pocket with the last 2 candles?

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