Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Year has begun!

Happy New Year!

Yes, he copied that!

 So far, we have not quite gotten into a regular routine, but we are doing school at least 2-3 times a week.  M loves the calendar work.  He counts up the days on the calendar each day (both the regular and Hebrew calendars) and likes to identify the day of the week in both languages as well.  He also enjoys reading the daily verse, and is even trying to do the trope with it!

This was last week's verse: "Let the Heavens listen and I shall speak, and may the earth hear my words."
For Yom Kippur, the boys traced the toy shofar on cardstock.  Then R colored his in until he got bored and just wanted to make noise.....typical....

M, meantime, copied the word "Shofar" onto his cardstock, then carefully cut out the shape:

Notice the ever-helpful stuffed lion.

For Sukkot, of course, we made paper chains.  R impressed me by being able to both thread the paper strips through the loops and push hard on the stapler.  He even got the feel for the scissors, to the point that he started wanting to be independent with it.  Not yet, sorry.....   M, on the other hand, could cut the strips pretty straight himself, then thread them through the loops, put the ends together, AND push down on the stapler.  All I had to do was hold the loop in the stapler, since I don't want any little fingers getting stapled....

Oh, and M also counted the loops each time we added them on.  He looooves counting!

Chag sameach!

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